HelioPy is built on the Python programming language. The easiest way to install Python with the various required scientific python modules is to use Anaconda. Installation instructions can be found here.

The minimum supported version of python is python 3.6.

Once you have a Python distribution installed, HelioPy can be installed using either conda:

conda install -c conda-forge heliopy

or pip:

pip install heliopy

Module requirements

Each module has a set of dependencies that are required for that module to be used. To automatically install dependencies for a specific module, use pip install heliopy[modname], e.g. for the ‘data’ module:

pip install heliopy[data]

Alternatively, to install all of the optional dependencies use:

pip install heliopy[all]

In addition, there are the following optional requirements that add extra functionality to HelioPy.

HDF file reader/writer

Saving data to hdf files for quicker access requires the PyTables python package. (see Speeding up file import for more information)

Installing from source

The latest source code is available at To install from source follow these steps:

  1. Install git

  2. git clone

  3. cd heliopy

  4. pip install .

This will install HelioPy from source.