Utility methods

heliopy.data.util Module

Utility functions for data downloading.

Note: these methods are liable to change at any time.


cdf2df(cdf, index_key[, dtimeindex, …])

Converts a cdf file to a pandas dataframe.

cdf_units(cdf_[, manual_units, length])

Takes the CDF File and the required keys, and finds the units of the selected keys.

doy2ymd(y, doy)

Converts day of year and year to year, month, day


Returns day of year of a datetime object.

load(filename, local_dir, remote_url[, …])

Try to load a file from local_dir.

pitchdist_cdf2df(cdf, distkeys, energykey, …)

Converts cdf file of a pitch angle distribution to a pandas dataframe.

process(dirs, fnames, extension, …[, …])

The main utility method for systematically loading, downloading, and saving data.

timefilter(data, starttime, endtime)

Puts data in a single dataframe, and filters it between times.

units_attach(data, units[, warn_missing_units])

Takes the units defined by the user and attaches them to the TimeSeries.




A template class, that should be sub-classed to provide methods for downloading a single dataset.