download_files, instrument, data_rate, starttime, endtime, verbose=True, product_string='', warn_missing_units=True)

Download MMS files.

  • probe (int or str) – MMS probe number. Must be in 1-4 inclusive.
  • instrument (str) – MMS instrument. Must be in ['afg', 'aspoc', 'dfg', 'dsp', 'edi', 'edp', 'fields', 'scm', 'sdp']
  • data_rate (str) – Data rate. Must be in ['slow', 'fast', 'brst', 'srvy']
  • starttime (datetime) – Start time.
  • endtime (datetime) – End time.
  • verbose (bool, optional) – If True, show a progress bar while downloading.
  • product_string (str, optional) – If not empty, this string must be in the filename for it to be downloaded.
  • warn_missing_units (bool, optional) – If True, warnings will be shown for each variable that does not have associated units.

df – Requested data.

Return type: