heliopy.data.util.load(filename, local_dir, remote_url, try_download=True, remote_error=False)

Try to load a file from local_dir.

If file doesn’t exist locally, try to download from remtote_url instead.

  • filename (str) – Name of file

  • local_dir (str) – Local location of file

  • remote_url (str) – Remote location of file

  • try_download (bool) – If a file isn’t available locally, try to downloaded it. Default is True.

  • remote_error (bool) – If True, raise an error if the requested file isn’t present locally or remotely. If False, the method returns None if the file can’t be found.


file – If filename ends in .cdf the CDF file will be opened and returned.

Otherwise it is assumed that the file is an ascii file, and filename will be opened using python’s open() method.

If the file can’t be found locally or remotely, and remote_errror is False, None is returned.

Return type

CDF, open file, None