TimeSeries Plotting Example

An example to show Sunpy’s TimeSeries in HelioPy.

For more information on TimeSeries, see http://docs.sunpy.org/en/stable/guide/data_types/timeseries.html

For more information on AstroPy Units, see http://docs.astropy.org/en/stable/units/

Import modules

import heliopy.data.ulysses as ulysses
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from datetime import datetime

Set up support for plotting data with units

from astropy.visualization import quantity_support

Load data. In this example we use Ulysses data.

starttime = datetime(1993, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0)
endtime = datetime(1993, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0)
timeseries_data = ulysses.swics_abundances(starttime, endtime)


Creating new directory /home/docs/heliopy/data/ulysses/swics
Downloading http://ufa.esac.esa.int/ufa-sl-server/data-action?PROTOCOL=HTTP&PRODUCT_TYPE=ALL&FILE_NAME=uswichst93.dat&FILE_PATH=/ufa/HiRes/data/swics&/uswichst93.dat

Read 0
Read 8192
Read 16384
Read 24576
Read 32768
Read 40960
Read 49152
Read 57344
Read 65536
Read 73728
Read 81920
Read 90112
Read 98304
Read 106496
Read 114688
Read 122880
Read 131072
Read 139264
Read 147456
Read 155648
Read 163840

timeseries_data is a TimeSeries data type. The .index attribute gets the time index of the data the .quantity() method can be used to extract data with units attached

fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, 1, sharex=True)
axs[0].plot(timeseries_data.index, timeseries_data.quantity('VEL_ALPHA'))

ion_ratios = ['RAT_C6_C5', 'RAT_O7_O6', 'RAT_FE_O']
for r in ion_ratios:
    axs[1].plot(timeseries_data.index, timeseries_data.quantity(r), label=r)



Index(['VEL_ALPHA', 'RAT_C6_C5', 'RAT_O7_O6', 'RAT_FE_O', 'CHARGE_FE',

Total running time of the script: ( 0 minutes 1.874 seconds)

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