ACE Module

Methods for importing data from the ACE spacecraft.

All data is publically available at The ACE spacecraft homepage can be found at


mfi_h0(starttime, endtime)

16-second magnetic field data.

mfi_h1(starttime, endtime)

4-minute magnetic field data.

mfi_h2(starttime, endtime)

1-hour magnetic field data.

mfi_h3(starttime, endtime)

1-second magnetic field data.

swe_h0(starttime, endtime)

64-second particle moments data.

swe_h2(starttime, endtime)

1-hour particle moments data.

swi_h2(starttime, endtime)

1-hour composition data.

swi_h3(starttime, endtime)

2-hour composition data.

swi_h3b(starttime, endtime)

2-hour composition (Post 2011-08-23) data.

swi_h4(starttime, endtime)

1-day composition data.

swi_h5(starttime, endtime)

2-hour charge state data.

swi_h6(starttime, endtime)

12-minute protons data.