Data import (

Methods for automatically importing data to python. Each spacecraft has its own sub-module:

Each mission does not have a complete set of data import methods, but the goal of HelioPy is to be as complete as possible. If you want to import a data set that is not yet supported please open an issue on the bug tracker at

There are also modules for downloading SPICE kernels and sunspot number data:

a module with helper functions that apply generally to all data is available:

and utility functions that much of the data import uses are also available in the cdas and util modules:

SunPy and AstroPy Integration

HelioPy is built to be used alongside SunPy and astropy. Before v0.6, HelioPy returned a pandas DataFrame object. After adding physical units to the data, HelioPy now returns a SunPy TimeSeries object. The TimeSeries object is capable of storing the data in a DataFrame, and also stores the units that are associated with each data column.

An example on how to use TimeSeries data and astropy units is also available in TimeSeries Plotting Example.