MMS Module

Methods for importing data from the four MMS spacecraft.

All data is publically available at, and the MMS science data centre is at


available_files(probe, instrument, …[, …])

Get available MMS files as a list.

download_files(probe, instrument, data_rate, …)

Download MMS files.

fgm(probe, mode, starttime, endtime)

Import fgm survey mode magnetic field data.

fpi_des_dist(probe, mode, starttime, endtime)

Import fpi electron distribution function data.

fpi_des_moms(probe, mode, starttime, endtime)

Import fpi electron distribution moment data.

fpi_dis_dist(probe, mode, starttime, endtime)

Import fpi ion distribution function data.

fpi_dis_moms(probe, mode, starttime, endtime)

Import fpi ion distribution moment data.