WIND Module

Methods for importing data from the WIND spacecraft. All data is publically available at See for more information on different data products.


mfi_h0(starttime, endtime) Composite magnetic field data.
mfi_h2(starttime, endtime) High resolution magnetic field data.
swe_h1(starttime, endtime) 92-second Solar Wind Alpha and Proton Anisotropy Analysis data.
swe_h3(starttime, endtime) Import ‘h3’ solar wind electron data product from WIND.
threedp_e0_emfits(starttime, endtime) Electron moment data.
threedp_pm(starttime, endtime) 1 spin resolution ion (proton and alpha) moment data.
threedp_sfpd(starttime, endtime) Import ‘sfpd’ wind data.