HelioPy comes with a sample ‘heliopyrc’ file. In order to customise the file make a copy of it at ~/.heliopy/heliopyrc and edit that copy. The default contents of the file are:

; Example heliopy configuration file. To make the configuration active, either
; edit this copy or move a copy to ~/.heliopy/heliopyrc
; The config parser will look in ~/.heliopy first.

; The working directory is the parent directory in which all downloaded
; data will be stored.
download_dir = ~/heliopy/data

; Choose whether to convert all downloaded data to a hdf store, enabling much
; faster file reading after the initial load, but requiring the additional
; h5py and py-tables dependencies
use_hdf = False

; Cluster user cookie
cluster_cookie = none

Alternatively the copy included with HelioPy can be directly edited. To get the location of the configuration file in a python session run

from heliopy.util import config

This will print the location of the configuration file that HelioPy is reading in.