What’s new

Heliopy 0.7.1 (2019-06-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that prevented MMS data from spacecraft 4 being downloaded. (#719)
  • Correctly attach units to MMS data. (#726)

Version 0.7.0

  • Added a graph showing the available coordinate transformations to heliopy.coordinates
  • Added STEREO-B kernels to heliopy.data.spice
  • Added automatic spice kernel detection for the STEREO spacecraft to heliopy.data.spice
  • Switched the download progress bar from wget based to tqdm based, which should work better in notebooks.
  • Fixed a bug where not all MMS files were downloaded for a large query.
  • Correctly removed bad values in heliopy.data.omni.
  • The deprecated heliopy.data.wind.swe_h3() and heliopy.data.wind.threedp_sfpd() have been removed.

Version 0.6.7

  • heliopy.data.wind.swe_h3() and heliopy.data.wind.threedp_sfpd() are deprecated and will be removed in version 0.7.0. This is becaue they currently use pandas MultiIndex structures, which are not the recommended way to store 2-or-more dimensional data. In the future they are likely to be re-written to use xarray.

Version 0.6.6

  • Data downloaded through CDAS is now moved from a temporary folder using shutil, fixing it when the temp folder and destination folder are on different filesystems.

Version 0.6.5

Version 0.6.4

  • Kernels available in heliopy.data.spice have been cleaned up, meaning some are now not available or have been moved to the predicted section.
  • A handful of data download functions have migrated to using the CDAS restful service, and have therefore had their call signatures changed. In particular: - heliopy.data.messenger.mag_rtn() has lost its try_download kwarg - heliopy.data.helios.merged() has lost its try_download kwarg

The following IMP download functions, which only ever worked for IMP8 have been renamed:

Version 0.6.3

  • Updated links to the STEREO-A spice kernels.
  • heliopy.data.mms.fgm_survey() has been removed in favour of the more general heliopy.data.mms.fgm(). To download survey mode FGM data use the new method and set the mode keyword argument to srvy.

Version 0.6.2

  • Fixed heliopy.data.mms.fgm_survey() data loading. #601

Version 0.6.1

  • The heliopy.data.ace module now contains all the magnetic field and particle data produces produced by ACE. #577, #578
  • STEREO-A spice kernels have been added. #585
  • The accidentally removed Ulysses spice kernel has returned. #582
  • heliopy.data.helper.cdfpeek() has been updated to work with cdflib, and now prints all CDF file information.

Version 0.6.0

HelioPy now only supports Python versions 3.6 and higher.

  • HelioPy has been integrated with SunPy TimeSeries and AstroPy Units. All of the HelioPy modules now return physical units with data.
  • Added a new data.util.cdf_units() function that can extract the UNIT attribute from CDF files.
  • Low resolution OMNI data import has been added in data.omni.low() function.
  • Magnetic Field data from DSCOVR Spacecraft can now be imported using the data.dscovr.mag_h0() function.
  • Methods in heliopy.data no longer returns a Pandas DataFrame, but now return a SunPy timeseries object. To get the underlying data, you can still do:

    dataframe = timeseries.data

    For an example of how to use the new object, see TimeSeries Plotting Example.

  • Data import has had a major overhaul, so that every column in CDF files now gets automatically imported and retains its name without being changed by HelioPy. This means column names in several data products are now different, to reflect their original name in the CDF files instead of a custom name that was previously assigned by HelioPy.

  • data.helios.merged(), data.helios.mag_4hz(), data.helios.corefit() and data.helios.mag_ness() no longer take a verbose keyword argument. #467

Version 0.5.3

  • Lots of small documentation updates.
  • .data.helios.distparams now has an extra 'data_rate' column, which determines whether a given distribution function was transmitted in high or low data mode. #529

Version 0.5.2

  • The new HelioPy logo has been added to the documentation. #448, #447
  • The new data version number of data.mms.fpi_dis_moms() has been updated.

Version 0.5.1

  • HelioPy can now be installed using conda.
  • The list of kernels available for automatic download in data.spice has been updated, and some names changed. #408
  • spice.Trajectory.generate_positions() can now generate positions at a resolution of one second instead of one day. #405
  • A duplicate “z gsm” column header in the data returned by data.imp.mag15s() has been corrected. #396

Version 0.5.0

  • heliopy.data.sunspot() added an additional functionality to import sunspot data in three different timeframes - daily, monthly and yearly.
  • The inventory of spice kernels in heliopy.data.spice now includes “Helios 1 Reconstructed”, “Helios 1 Predicted”, “Juno Reconstructed”, “Juno Predicted” and “Helios 2” kernels.
  • heliopy.spice.furnish() now accepts a list of filenames as well as individual filenames.
  • A lot of new functions for downloading ACE data have been added to heliopy.data.ace.

Version 0.4

  • heliopy.spice.Trajectory.generate_positions() now takes a list of dates/times at which to generate orbital positions, instead of a start time, stop time, and number of steps. The old behaviour can be recovered by manually generating an evenly spaced list of times.

Version 0.3

HelioPy now contiains code for working with SPICE kernels. See the following modules for more information:

  • The heliopy.plasma module has been removed (see http://www.plasmapy.org/ for the recommended alternative)
  • heliopy.plot code removed

Version 0.2

  • Convert examples gallery to automatically generate plots
  • Added HelioPy.data.helper.listdata() method for easily viewing the amount of data HelioPy is storing locally.
  • Added heliopy.data.wind.threedp_sfpd() method for importing WIND 3DP sfpd data.

Version 0.1.3

  • Correctly report download percentage when downloading files.
  • Fix issue where heliopy.data.helios.corefit() made duplicate .hdf files on days where no data is available.